Expedited shipping

Expedited shipping

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Don't want to wait? Upgrade to our Expedited Processing service and make sure your order is at the top of the list, shipping out on the very next shipping day!  Perfect for those who value speed and efficiency, this service ensures your product is processed, packed, and shipped in record time.  Say goodbye to long waiting times and hello to fast, efficient service!


Fast-Track Processing: No more waiting! With our Expedited Processing service, your order will skip the queue and be processed ahead of other customers.

Next Shipment Day Shipping: Your order will be shipped out on the very next business day, giving you peace of mind that your product is on its way to you as quickly as possible.

Ideal for Last-Minute Gifts or Urgent Orders:Whether you're shopping for a special occasion, or you simply need your product ASAP, our Expedited Processing service is perfect for those time-sensitive orders.

Easy Upgrade: Simply add this Expedited Processing service to your cart along with your desired product, and we'll take care of the rest.

Reliable & Secure: Our experienced team will make sure your order is handled with care and shipped out securely, doing our best to ensure it arrives at your doorstep in great condition.



  • For orders that include gels, the shipping days are from Monday through Wednesday.
  • For dry products only, the shipping days are from Monday through Thursday.
  • If you place an order that contains sea moss gel on Monday, it will ship the next ship date, Tuesday. If the order is placed Wednesday after the 12 pm cutoff, it will ship the next shipping day, Monday- since gels are only shipped Monday-Wednesday 
  • If you place an order that contains only dry products on a Tuesday, it will go out the next ship date, Wednesday. If the order is placed after the 12 pm cutoff on Thursday, it will be shipped on the next ship date, Monday. 

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