Fuel Factor X 4 ounce BOTTLE

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Fuel treatment 

FFX is a comprehensive fuel treatment. Other products may have one or two of our components, but none have all of them. It would take many products mixed together to even come close to giving you the same benefits as using FFX.


instead of Premium gas

And no more additives.

that’s a big savings!

Works with Diesel or Gasoline.



A catalyst that ignites fuel at a lower temperature, providing a longer, more complete burn of the fuel. This causes the fuel to be used more efficiently, providing improved fuel economy and less wasted fuel out through the exhaust, which reduces emissions. The organometallic compound burns more of the available BTUs of the fuel. Reduces friction from pistons, pumps, and injectors, which would ultimately wear down the engine, therefore prolonging the engine’s working life. 


Introducing Fuel Factor X by My Daily Choice, the world's first-ever sustainable and effective GAS supplement that helps cars run more efficiently. With prices at an all time high due to unprecedented demand for oil from countries such as Iran who refuse mondar Accessed 15% cheaper than any other form of transportation available today! And this is only going up... fast? So why wait around when you can fix these problems now with one simple pill every day

Cleans and maintains injectors, as well as the rest of the fuel system, so the engine works as efficiently as possible.


Reduces solids that form in the fuel tank and keep the engine clean, prolonging the life of all engine parts.


Removes and prevents rust in the fuel system, keeping it running efficiently.


Helps separate water from fuel. A single drop of water can cause an injector to fail and damage the entire engine.


Stabilizes fuel to keep it from breaking down or deteriorating and gives fuel a longer shelf life.

 Fuel Factor X is a new fuel additive that will improve your gas and diesel mileage as well as extend your engine’s life and increase horsepower! Start saving at the pump with every fill up. Use in any combustible engine: cars, trucks, tractor trailers, generators, boats, ATVs, snowmobiles… and more! Lots of size options! From 55 gallon drums to single use foil packs.