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Prodigiosa, also known as Brickellia Grandiflora, is native to Northwest America, Mexico and Honduras. It belongs to the daisy family and is a large bushy herb that is often mistaken for catnip because their leaves are similar. Prodigiosa, however, has white tassle-like flowers that bloom August through September.

How to consume Prodigiosa herb:

Prodigiosa can be made into a tea by can brewing the leaves in warm water which can be safely drunk two to three times a day. The leaves are rather bitter in taste and that's why it would be better to add a hint of sweetness with a spoon of honey or cactus sugar.

Prodigiosa from Honduras

Dr Sebi wife always talked about how she loved this herb!!!

This herb is consumed as a tea for its natural properties which aid your heath in many ways.
Such as lowering high blood sugar levels in type 2 Diabetes, motivates fat digestion in the gallbladder and alsoimproves stomach digestion. It’s most important quality is its ability for o be used as an insulin sensitizer. Its flavonoids have been demonstrated to inhibit aldose reductase, Not only dose it normalize blood sugars toward inhibiting neuropathy and cataract development but It cleanse the mucus membrane inside the intestines. Prodigiosa is also used as a febrifuge (for relief of fever) and to aid difficult digestion. It also stimulate hydrochloric acid secretions by the stomach, and stimulate bile synthesis and gallbladder evacuation
Detoxifying the liver. I can go on and on about this powerful herb!! Used for Arthritis, Blood Cleansers, Cancer, Cold & Flu, Colon Cleanse, Detox, Diabetes, Digestive System, Edema (Swelling/Gout), High Blood Pressure, Immune System, Leaves, Mucous Tags: bile, blood sugar, diabetes, digestion, diuretic!!!!


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