Roobios Tea

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If you have low iron levels, substituting roobios tea for regular tea makes sense, especially if you consume most of your iron from plant sources. Rooibos tea contains iron, which may actually benefit your iron stores. Drink one cup of tea a day.

Lacking iron?


Just 3 cups of Rooibos will provide the equivalent to a third of our body’s daily iron needs.


Before explaining why it’s the ideal drink if you’re lacking iron, here at Mayas Organics Shop we’ll take a concise look at exactly what Rooibos is: a plant native to South Africa packed full of health benefits thanks to its active properties, which lend it great medicinal and therapeutic importance: antioxidant, antiallergenic, expectorant, antiseptic, digestive, carminative, astringent, and diuretic effects.

30 bags of tea

Ingredients: west African roobios tea



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