Soursop Fruit box

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This is it! We have Soursop! You might know it as Guanabana or Graviola. Soursop is the ultimate tropical and exotic fruit treasure.
Soursops have very different shapes and size that's why we sell it by weight. That said, we always err in your favor.
What does Soursop taste like?
If you never had a Soursop you are in for a treat. The flavor profile is a creamy texture that tastes like a combination of pineapple with a hint of strawberry and a sour citrusy note.
Where does our Soursop / Guanabana come from?
We get regular Soursop shipments flown in weekly and they sell pretty fast so if you see we don't have it in stock, come back in a few days, especially at the beginning of the week and we usually have it.
You'll get it fast!
Due to its delicacy, Soursop requires special handling.

3 soursop is $119 shipped

you will receive 3 soursop

This is non- refundable 

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