The Fruit Cleanse.

Eat your way to a whole new you.


Enjoy whole, raw fruit.

Enjoy water, coconut water, or non-caffeinated tea.

Enjoy your life.

Pretty Straight Forward, Right?

Why a fruit cleanse?

How much fruit?

Isn’t fruit too high in sugar?

Will fruit spike my blood sugar and insulin levels?

Frozen fruit?

Can I eat dried fruit?

What about food combining?

Can I eat nuts and seeds?

Can I eat avocados? 

Can I drink Kombucha? Coffee? Any caffeine?  

Can I consume fruit juice?

What about smoothies? 

What if I can't eat enough fruit to maintain my weight?

Will I lose muscle mass and strength?​

Can I consume green juice?

What about eating a salad with greens and sprouts?​

What about sea vegetables?​

Will I get enough protein?​

Will I get enough fat?​

Is this going to be too hard?

FRUITFUL 30 challenge
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Embark on a transformative journey with our 30-Day Fruit Feast Challenge! Immerse yourself in a vibrant array of fresh, juicy goodness as you embrace the nourishing power of nature's candy. This challenge is your gateway to renewed energy, improved well-being, and a delicious exploration of the bountiful world of fruits. Join us and discover the sweet path to a healthier, happier you!

This 30 Day Fruit Detox will provide us the tools needed to work towards achieving our health & wellness goals. 

What does the detox entail: 

Intermittent Fasting 

Consuming Fresh Fruits

Consuming Fresh Juice

Consuming Herbal Teas

Consuming Up To 1 Gallon Of Water

Daily Meditation 

Daily Exercise

Daily Journaling (journal not included)

Daily Bathing To Aid The Lymphatic System

Adequate Resting


Sun Gazing

Weekly Meal Plan

Recipes & Instructions

Suggested Weekly Grocery List

1:1 Support is provided throughout the detox if needed

All sales are final 

*****Grocery list included*****
Emailed upon checkout 


We start January 1st

IF U ADD DETOX TEA IT WILL BE DISCOUNTED TO MEMBERS OF the group FOR $20 and seamoss will be $20 a jar. Only available to members of the group. 
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