Wholesale 5lbs of Gold Sea Moss St. Lucia

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Wholesale gold sea moss is available in 5, and 10 lb, and 25lbs 10 lb sizes and up cannot ship to a PO Box due to the size of the cartons.

Wild harvested, organic, premium, sea moss. Gently grown in the unpolluted, warm waters of St. Lucia. Our sea moss is raw and organic.

Use sea moss gel in foods and skincare products. It helps to tighten the skin and minimize pores while adding minerals. Use the gel as a thickener in smoothies, soups, porridge, salad dressings, and stews. Some also call it Irish moss.

Please be advised that shipping on ALL wholesale orders are 7-14 business days.

 You can add 1-2 tablespoons of Sea Moss Gel a day in coffee, tea, soup, smoothies and more!

You will notice that you Sea Moss for the most part is a gold color but the hues may be different throughout your sea moss. 

When you receive your Sea Moss it is important to clean it with distill or spring water. If you notice small particles of rock attached to your Sea Moss that is because it is harvested from rocks at the bottom of the ocean. You can remove those particles and rinse well. People prepare their Sea Moss many ways. Sea Moss Gel is preferable by many.

Dry Sea Moss can last up to a year if stored cool and dry.