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Great business credit scores can make it easier to access financing options from loans to credit cards and beyond — with terms and features that meet your needsIf you understand how your personal credit reports and scores work, you’ll have a good idea of how business credit works, too

Start building your business credit by establishing a business credit file, then opening trade lines or a business credit card.

Great business credit comes with a number of potential benefits, some of which could end up saving you a lot of money in the long run. You might enjoy:


Better odds of approval for small business loans

Higher loan amountsAccess to business credit without a personal guaranteeLower rates on loans, credit cards, and insurance

Landlords being more likely to lease property (like office space)Smaller deposit requirements on leases and new utilities

Improved relationships with suppliers and merchants

A better overall reputation and image for your company

A valuable asset if you ever decide to sell your business

In my ebook I make it simple to set up your business correctly to establish business credit so u can apply for funding. I also supply all the companies to apply with .

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