Liver Flush Protocol

Liver Flush Protocol

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The liver is the largest internal organ in the body and is responsible for detoxification, as well as many other roles to keep us healthy. In order to sustain its function, the liver needs to have no obstructions in order to work optimally. You may be unaware, but right now bile and lipid deposits are collecting in the gallbladder. When solidified, these masses are commonly referred to as gallstones and can clog up both your liver and your gallbladder! 
Factors that contribute to the formation of gallstones include eating dairy products, chocolate, trans fat, artificial sweeteners, and red meat, in addition to smoking, stress, and alcohol. Other risk factors include diabetes, fasting, pregnancy, obesity, and taking medicine for cholesterol or birth control.

Cleansing the liver will allow the organ to do its job in hormone regulation, helping to balance emotions and deal with stress in healthy ways.

As you may know by now, preventing as much stress as possible is vital to keeping the adrenal glands.

A healthy liver, with uninterrupted bile, means effective detoxification and overall wellbeing. Cleansing your liver regularly will help to keep AFS and gallstones away, as well as balance and restore your NEM stress response to proper functioning levels.

It is important to note that when going through a liver flush minimizing any fats, proteins, and unnecessary supplements eases the burden and load on the liver. With the returned health of the liver, the hormonal system becomes more balanced and the adrenals begin to function normally, helping to alleviate the symptoms of adrenal fatigue