Strawberry Watermelon Detox Tea

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Detox is an all natural, and effective detox that helps rfight bloating, and release toxins from the body. It’s made with 6 powerful, all-natural superfood ingredients that work together to help you get your best results.


Strawberry Watermelon Detox Tea

Strawberry Watermelon Detox Tea is expertly formulated with a blend of 6 superfood teas, herbs, and berries designed to help energize the body, release toxins, and promote efficient calorie burn. Our signature blend contains Oolong, Blessed Thistle,Holy Thistle and Persimmon Leaves- powerful ingredients that combine harmoniously to help block fat-building enzymes. Our all-natural blend promotes healthy digestion, helps your body shed water weight, and helps relieve uncomfortable bloating in your belly. FDetox contains powerful antioxidants that help flush out harmful toxins and fight damage to your cells.

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